Haller Livestock piglets are uniform. They come from large groups of solid, QS-certified farms. The connection between breeding and fattening is important to us. This way we can ensure high performance with high-quality. We supply intersections like Pietrain, Duroc, Tempo, Landrace, Yorkshire and many more. Qualified staff is on the spot during daily shipments, the piglets are selected according to the high quality demands of the Haller Livestock Ltd. This guarantees excellent price-value ratio, because we only bring the best piglets. Delivered as ordered: first class piglets with the highest health status (SPF) or quality piglets that have gone through an extensive vaccination program (Circovirus, PRRS, Mycoplasma, APP etc.) and are delivered with attestation (piglets passport). And for good reason; healthy piglets need less medication. The results are high quality meat and low costs, as healthy piglets also provide a better feed conversion and higher daily gain. Upon request, our customers will also receive the latest feed recipe, so that piglets can receive their familiar feed. For the continued success. Our years of experience are “unlimited”. From the heart of the German pig farming, we export to international markets such as Russia, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. Rely on the Haller Livestock-quality piglets – for your success.