For the sensitive area of livestock, trust is essential with our contractual farms. That is why we place special value on the monitoring of our breeding specialized partners.Our calves stem from Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg, traditional areas for Simmental and Brown Swiss. In individual cases we also offer white Belgian Blue cross calves. In the quality criteria of the Haller Livestock Ltd the animal welfare comes first. The purchase is carried out exclusively by our expert staff after considering the criteria for health, age and weight. Each compartment for cattle is fully stabled after thorough cleaning and disinfection. The farms in contract with Haller Livestock are managed by our contractual veterinarian and his expert team and they are visited, advised and monitored at regular intervals, according to the contractual requirements of the breeding farms. A compulsory vaccination program for all subcontracts (vaccination prophylaxis) is performed and documented by the veterinary team. The contract specified vaccination program includes the vaccination against IBR and BRSV immediately after stabling. Period required repetitions are self-evident. The standard comprehends also a periodical treatment against endo-and ectoparasites. Upon request, vaccination certificates and special BHV1 (IBR) – free certificates can be filled out. Due to the extensive health management, all animals have a uniform vaccination and prophylaxis status, which guarantees each buyer a perfect health status – independently from the purchased quantity. The result speaks for itself: a healthy start means a successful livestock with healthy animals, good feed conversion, high daily weight gains and high gain per fattening place.