On the way to our customers we work hard on their terms. Since the transportation influences the future performance of the animals, animal welfare and well-being is unquestionably at the top, from A to B. For an optimal result, our customers can fully rely on the experienced team of Haller, from the supplying to the unloading of the animals. All partners of our transport network possess the latest generation of animal transport vehicles. This does not only meat the current EU regulations but fulfills the highest standards for animal welfare. A variety of security devices, air conditioning and heated water are some of the advantages that ensure integrity and welfare during transport. To make the way to the customer as short as possible, we continuously optimize our routes using GPS-guided navigation in all vehicles. The unbeatable advantage: we can announce the arrival of the animals with for half an hour. And the timed unloading and stabling will benefit the animals. All parties involved in the transport chain, from the well-trained drivers to the breeders are aware of their responsibility. We guarantee the efficiency and the quality of the transportation system with our name.
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