We are at home in one of the world’s most important regions for breeding and livestock. Use our local markets know-how. In our offers for breeding cattle, we concentrate on the sustainability of the delivered quality. Only animals with the best breeding value estimation and the highest health status find their way to our customers. We are happy to make the careful selection on the farm for you. However, you are always welcomed to make the selection of the animals on site. Be our guest on our way across the breeder farms. Alternatively, after the selection, the animals can be moved to a secure quarantine where you can have a look anytime. We organize your stay and give you the opportunity to select the best animals for your needs. Our commercial focus is on Friesian and Red Holstein, Simmental and Brown Swiss. The quality of the animals is ensured by the herd book and the world’s most advanced genetic evaluation. Germany stands at the top when it comes to efficient, healthy and robust breeding cattle. You want to get to know this market better? Contact us!